What drives our passion

With extensive guiding experience in diverse locations like Chile, Norway, Denmark, and Germany, we’ve found our home in the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia. At Patagonia Fly Fishing, we collaborate closely with local guides to offer you an authentic Patagonian fly fishing experience. Our goal is to depart from traditional all-inclusive programs and combine exceptional fly fishing with an intense adventure that captures the essence of Patagonia.

Our company has made it our mission to give you the opportunity to experience Patagonia in a culturally rich way while ensuring comfortable accommodation. We offer two programs to suit different preferences. The deluxe program, called the “Baker Tour”, offers an all-inclusive stay at the first-class Green Baker Lodge. You can book this for 3-6 days and combine it with our basic “Aysén Tour” program. This program includes your stay at Patagonia House, which you can also book for 3-6 days. While eating and drinking in local breweries and restaurants, you will gain a deeper insight into Patagonian culture. You can book both accommodations with us at no extra cost. Of course, you can combine both programs if you are looking for the best of both worlds.

What we have to share

I was lucky enough to get to know the area around Aysén in depth together with the local guides, who are now close friends. So I would like to offer the same opportunities to adventurous fly fishers like you. For us, fly fishing in Patagonia is more than just sport; it is a holistic adventure, an exhilarating experience where every catch tells its own story. Let yourself be enchanted by the splendor of nature, enjoy the local flavors and catch great fish.

This isn’t merely a fishing trip—it’s an extraordinary odyssey. Cherish moments that linger forever. Let’s make this your “once in a lifetime” experience. Get in touch, and let’s craft your Patagonian fly fishing adventure!