Rio Cochrane

Experience Rio Cochrane Fly Fishing:

The Rio Cochrane, an everclear tributary of the majestic Baker River, originates from Cochrane Lake nestled within the Tamango National Reserve. Situated deep in Chilean Patagonia, this river offers exceptional fly fishing opportunities. Rio Cochrane offers varied fishing experiences for the discerning angler: stalking along the banks, strategizing casts near algae beds or submerged logs—a true haven for those with a hunter’s instinct!

The Season

The River’s Treasures

Traversing through algae-laden stretches, the Rio Cochrane conceals substantial silver shadows in its crystal-clear depths. During the prime fishing season from November to March, these pristine waters come alive with the larger trout showing heightened activity post-October spawn. Anglers are drawn to this spectacular time, seeking to make the most of the abundance before these magnificent fish return to the secluded and less-frequented lakes of Patagonia.

Crystal-Clear Waters

Discovering Rio Cochrane’s Aquatic Marvels

Renowned for its crystalline transparency, Rio Cochrane has gained global recognition. Its clear waters unveil channels, aquatic flora, sandy riverbeds, and colossal trout amidst breathtaking landscapes, complemented by consistently fair weather.

Get in Touch

Secure your spot for an unforgettable fly fishing escapade along the Rio Cochrane. Reserve now to cast your line into these crystalline waters and reel in giant trout amidst stunning Patagonian landscapes.

Pack List

This is our recommended kit for this tour:

RODS: 9ft #4,#5 or #6 weight rod
REELS A good, reliable reel suitable for a #5,#5 or #6 rod
LINES: Good quality WF floating line
LEADER: Tapered leaders 9-12ft in 4X-01X
ACCESSOIRES: Leader clip, Polarizing sunglasses, Sun milk
CLOTHING: Wading shoes, Wading pants, Wading jacket, Thermal layer, Gloves, Beenie, Cap

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