Rio Simpson

The Rio Simpson emerges gracefully from the eastern Andes. Its mesmerizing course winds its way west of Coyhaique, eventually embracing the serene landscapes within the Rio Simpson National Park. Within these serene waters lie the Trout Treasures in Rio Simpson – brown and rainbow trout, on average spanning 35 to 50 cm in length, elegantly inhabit these currents. For the seasoned angler, encounters with majestic trout measuring up to an impressive 60 cm are not uncommon.

The Season

Embracing Nature’s Rhythms

Throughout the seasons, Fly Fishing at Rio Simpson offers a tapestry of experiences for angling enthusiasts. Spring unveils an awakening in nature, with newfound vitality reflected in the river’s vibrant ecosystem. Summer, with its longer days, beckons anglers to indulge in the thrill of fishing under the warmth of the Patagonian sun and autumn, adorned in rich hues, paints a breathtaking backdrop for fly fishing adventures.

Trout Treasuries

Preparing your Rio Simpson Fly Fishing Adventure

Our guides are not only experts in fly fishing but also knowledgeable about the Within this stunning haven, anglers uncover an ideal freestone setting. Here, classic dry fishing techniques reign supreme, offering enticing encounters with stonefly caddies and mayflies.

Spring – A Renewal:

As spring graces Rio Simpson, the river teems with life. Newly hatched insects take flight, drawing trout to the surface, creating ideal conditions for dry fly fishing.

Summer – Abundant Opportunities:

Summer bestows upon anglers ample daylight hours for exploration. The river flows gracefully, revealing abundant trout activity, making it an opportune time for both novice and seasoned anglers.

Autumn – Nature’s Canvas:

In autumn, the river’s surroundings transform into a mosaic of reds, yellows, and oranges. Trout are active, feasting heartily before the colder months, providing avid anglers with remarkable fishing opportunities.

Pack List

This is our recommended kit for this tour:

RODS: 9ft #5 or #6 weight rod
REELS A good, reliable reel suitable for a #5 or #6 rod
LINES: Good quality WF floating and Sink 1/3 line
LEADER: Tapered leaders 9-12ft in 4X-01X
ACCESSOIRES: Leader clip, Polarizing sunglasses, Sun milk
CLOTHING: Wading shoes, Wading pants, Wading jacket, Thermal layer, Gloves, Beenie, Cap

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Exploring the Fly Fishing Rio Simpson promises an adventure where the beauty of nature converges harmoniously with the art of angling, creating moments that linger in memory long after the line is cast.We take you to the best spots in this wonderful landscape, sharing our knowledge about fishing conditions, and, not to forget, the right fly!