Rio Ñireguao

Discovering the Rio Ñireguao Fly Fishing Adventure

Situated 70 kilometers northeast of Coyhaique, the Rio Ñireguao, a prime spot for Rio Ñireguao Fly Fishing, gently flows through the flat steppe. Characterized by moderate currents and expansive pools, it stands out. The Pampa winds continually provide a feast for trout, making it a haven. Consequently, it’s an exceptional destination for fly fishing enthusiasts seeking adventures.

The Season

The River’s Fly Fishing Secrets

Success on this river lies in a selection of flies. Renowned patterns like Dave’s Hopper, Whitlock’s Hopper, Parachute Hopper, and Madame X reveal secrets. Moreover, these flies entice the trout, ensuring an exceptional fly fishing experience. Furthermore, they form the cornerstone of fly selection, promising anglers rewarding catches.

Trout and Sizes

Preparing for a Memorable Fly Fishing Adventure

Amidst this fly fisher’s paradise, trout of sizes ranging from 1 to 4 pounds elegantly navigate. Providing ample opportunities for fly fishermen seeking a rewarding catch. Additionally, these waters host a diversity of trout sizes, ensuring thrilling experiences for enthusiasts.

Book your Adventure

Get ready to experience the Rio Ñireguao

Plan your adventure today and immerse yourself in the tranquility of this fly fishing paradise. With knowledgeable guides, top-notch equipment, and a range of tailored packages, booking your Rio Ñireguao adventure promises an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to the sport, embark on this captivating journey and create lasting memories in the heart of this angler’s haven.

Pack List

This is our recommended kit for this tour:

RODS: 9ft #5 or #6 weight rod
REELS A good, reliable reel suitable for a #5 or #6 rod
LINES: Good quality WF floating and Sink 1/3 line
LEADER: Tapered leaders 9-12ft in 4X-01X
ACCESSOIRES: Leader clip, Polarizing sunglasses, Sun milk
CLOTHING: Wading shoes, Wading pants, Wading jacket, Thermal layer, Gloves, Beenie, Cap

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